"Art Without Walls"


Described as “art without walls”, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is one of the county’s top attractions.  The park showcases a wonderful curation of works (usually around 80 at any one time), with a stunning rural backdrop.  It all makes for a wonderful day out…

(Above) : Ursula von Rydingsvard: Damski Czepek.

I have been to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park a couple of times now and it never disappoints.  There are a mixture of both permanent and loaned works, so there’s always something new to see.  Also, the grounds are pretty big, so you can get a substantial walk out of it.


(Above) : Sophie Ryder: Sitting. 

(Above) : Peter Randall-Page: Envelope of Pulsation (For Leo).

(Above) : Matthew Day Jackson: Magnificent Desolation. 

(Above) : Anthony Caro: Promenade.

(Above) : Anthony Caro: Dream City.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Mark Di Suvero: The Cave

(Above) : Mark Di Suvero: The Cave.

(Above) : Henry Moore: Reclining Figure: Arch Leg.

(Above) : Henry Moore: Large Two Forms.

(Above) : Henry Moore: Reclining Connected Forms. 

(Above) : Henry Moore: Upright Motives No. 1 (Glenkiln Cross): No 2; No 7.

I would highly recommend checking out the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, especially if the weather happens to be nice.  Yorkshire is a fantastic destination with so much to see, and its sculpture Park is one of many good reasons to visit.  What’s more, entry to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is completely free.


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