Luxembourg is a small European country located between France, Germany and Belgium, that is big on culture, architecture and cuisine.  I recently had the pleasure of visiting Luxembourg so allow me to take you on a little tour to give you an insight into what it has to offer.
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Located in the east of the county is the small city of Echternach, which is famed for being home to the Benedictine abbey.  On Whit Tuesday, a festival is held in honour of St.Willibrord, the abbey’s founder.  Thousands of people from across Luxembourg and neighbouring countries turn up for the festivities.  Young and old alike take part in what is best described as a ‘prayer dance’ which is thought to bring good luck and involves moving back and fourth holding cloths.
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The heartwarming festival is just one of many ways in which age-old Luxembourgish traditions are being kept alive.  Following the excursion to Echternach it was back to Luxembourg city for more exploration.
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The Grand Ducal Palace is one of Luxembourg City’s main focal points.  It’s the official residence of The Grand Duke of Luxembourg and it’s where he performs his ducal duties.
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This statue located near the Grand Ducal Palace creepily appears to make eye contact regardless of the angle you look at it from.
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The streets of Luxembourg city are undeniably beautiful and well kept.  It boasts an interesting mix of architecture; from traditional sandy coloured buildings and soaring spires to shiny modern offices.
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Built between 1613 and 1621, the Cathedrale Notre-Dame is well worth exploring if you are an architecture lover.  It’s massive stained glass windows fill it with a spectrum of enchanting light.
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Located in Constitution Square is the iconic Monument of Remembrance (above left) which is also known as Gëlle Fra (Luxembourgish for ‘Golden Lady’).  The impressive statue is a war memorial dedicated to the thousands of Luxembourgish soldiers who lost their lives during World War I.  During World War II, the 21 meter monument was dismantled by the Nazis who had occupied Luxembourg at the time however it was eventually restored.
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In William Square is the bronze statue of King-Grand Duke William II of Orange-Nassau (above left) who gave the grand duchy its first parliament, which at the time was one of the most liberal in Europe.
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One of the most popular things to see in Luxembourg City are the 23km long network of casemates that were originally made to shelter soldiers.  Although most of the original fortifications have been demolished, a vast system of underground passages remain.
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If going out is your thing, Luxembourg has plenty to offer.  It’s peppered with Michelin-Starred restaurants and has a cosmopolitan array of bars and clubs, as we discovered.
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We concluded with a night-time stroll – there’s something truly enchanting about walking around Luxembourg City at night with its charm and beauty; especially on a warm summer evening.   Luxembourg makes for a wonderful short break destination and it’s somewhere that I would recommend everyone to visit at least once.  I’ve spoken to so many people who’ve never been, it seems to be a place that often gets missed off of European travel itineraries.  There’s no doubt that it’s an underrated destination and because of this its kept somewhat as a hidden gem.  This makes it that bit more intriguing when you do visit because you experience a little bit of Europe that many have not.

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