To the delight of any history-lover, Cornwall has a rich tapestry of heritage and a plethora of sites of historic intrigue, all waiting to be discovered. The county’s impressive collection of castles, ruins and legends that date back hundreds of years are nothing short of fascinating.  Located on the Atlantic Coast of Cornwall is one of its most notable historic sites; Tintagel Castle, home to the legend of King Arthur and the alleged place of his conception.

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Tintagel Castel was built in 1225-33 by Richard the Earl of Cornwall and brother of Henry III.  The residual fortifications of the castle sit on a s  mall rock island that was once utilised as an important trading centre with the Mediterranean back in the Dark Ages.

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The wooden walkway to the castle leads you over a wooden bridge and up a steep set of stairs, from which there are breathtaking views of the open sea.  It’s particularly beautiful on a clear, sunny day like it was when we visited. The bright blue water is incredibly transparent; you would be forgiven for thinking that it was somewhere in Tenerife.

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Tintagel Beach is also well worth a walk around and if you look carefully enough at the image above then you can see Merlin’s Cave, which is only visible during low tide.

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The cocktail of historic intrigue, along with the incredible views make Tintagel Castle island one of the most unique and fascinating places that I’ve visited in the UK for some time.  Pictures don’t do this place much justice, it’s really worth seeing in the flesh.

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Whilst exploring we came across a tunnel which had been carved out using metal tools.  It’s purpose isn’t known but it was most probably used to store food.  If you walk inside, you will notice that a collection of graffiti has been etched into its walls over the years, some of which dates back a century.

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Gull Rock can be spotted in the distance from the precipice of the head of the island.

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I highly recommend that you add Tintagel castle to your list of things of things to see in Cornwall, if you’ve not already paid it a visit.  It makes for a fantastic day out, and as I mentioned earlier in the article, it’s an unmissable UK attraction.

Tintagel village has a number of cafes, bakeries and bars, along with ample parking, a stone’s throw from the castle.  There is a Land Rover transfer service that takes you right to the entrance of the castle from the village for £2.00, although it’s only a five minute walk otherwise.

Entry Fee (prices with gift aid) : Adult (£8.70)  Child (£5.20).

Tintagel Castle is an English Heritage Sight, so members go free.


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