I recently headed down to Cornwall to visit family – it always feels like breath of fresh air to be back in my home county, both literally and metaphorically.  Getting some downtime is a must and there’s nowhere that I like to do that more than Cornwall.  I thought I would share a few snaps as inspiration for your next trip to Cornwall, if you yourself also fancy a little Cornish breather.

The Wayfarer - Cornwall The Wayfarer - Cornwall

Dramatic cliff views of Mullion Cove.

The Wayfarer - Cornwall

Philps pasties, arguably the best pasties to be had in Cornwall…and they do vegan ones too!  Cornwall has a reputation for its world-class food, which in most cases is made from ultra-fresh locally produced ingredients.  If you are big into your food, you might want to check out my recommendations for the top 10 things to eat in Cornwall.

The Wayfarer - Cornwall The Wayfarer - Cornwall The Wayfarer - Cornwall

If there is one thing that you must see when you are in Cornwall, it’s St Michael’s Mount , which sits pretty in Mounts Bay.  During low tide, you can walk across the causeway to the castle-adorned island, to look around.  Just keep and eye on the tide, or else you might get soggy shoes if you have to walk back whilst the tide comes in – I’m talking from experience here!

The Wayfarer - Cornwall The Wayfarer - Cornwall The Wayfarer - Cornwall The Wayfarer - Cornwall

(Above) The ultra unique and impressive Seed sculpture by Peter Randall-Page at the Eden Project, which weighs in at 70-tonnes, the equivalent to 10 elephants.

The Wayfarer - Cornwall

(Above) The Canopy Walkway in the Rainforest biome, with incredible, vertigo-inducing views from the top – I’d highly recommend checking it out if you visit the Eden Project, even if you have to queue for a bit, as it’s well worth it.

The Wayfarer - Cornwall The Wayfarer - Cornwall The Wayfarer - Cornwall The Wayfarer - Cornwall  The Wayfarer - Cornwall

The Eden Project is always a fantastic idea for a day out in Cornwall, especially as it’s a great option regardless of the weather.

The Wayfarer - Cornwall The Wayfarer - Cornwall

I try to watch at least one performance at the Minack Theatre every summer – on this occasion it was Alice in Wonderland.  There’s nothing that compares to the Minack anywhere else in the world; the unique amphitheatre is carved into the cliff face, providing the most breathtaking views out to sea.  I usually like to go for a late performance, as you can watch the sunset…and sometimes you might just be lucky enough to spot some dolphins on the horizon.

The Wayfarer - Cornwall The Wayfarer - Cornwall

Luckily enough there was some gorgeous weather during my trip, so naturally, there was lots of sprawling out on the beach.  I would definitely recommend Praa Sands which is heavenly, especially when the weather is hot.

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