Located on the East Coast, Horsey Beach is one of Norfolk’s unmissable excursions; the stretch of golden, sandy beach is home to a large colony of wild grey seals.  Britain has large population of these seals and the best time of year to see them is during wintertime, however we were lucky enough to catch them grazing now in springtime, during our visit.

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During our visit to Horsey Beach, I had anticipated that we would be lucky to even just to catch a glimpse of a seal’s head bobbing in the water, needless to say, I was astonished to see that what I had initially thought were rocks on the horizon were actually well-disguised clusters of seals.  There were literally hundreds of them sprawled out across the beach, it’s not hard to see why they attract in hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.  Witnessing wild animals, happy in their natural habitat is something that never fails to put a smile on my face.

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It is advised to stay a good distance away and keep dogs on leads around them to prevent the seals from being disturbed.  They are relatively passive and tame creatures and don’t seem to mind people walking by or observing at a distance.  The best way to reach Horsey Beach is by car and there are several car parks within the vicinity.

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