On The Helford River


There is no elixir on earth that can heal the soul like the sea, no sight to better put life into perspective than the vastness of the open ocean.  I was brought up in Cornwall by the sea and I’m usually happiest when I am sprawled out on a beach or adventuring somewhere on a boat. For me, visiting my family home by the seaside where I grew up is my favourite way to get away.


“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea”Isak Dinesen.

We sailed over to one of our favourite hidden beaches.  With its clear blue waters and verdant surroundings, you really could be forgiven for mistaking it for somewhere in the Mediterranean.  It’s a little gem that we have been coming to for years.

Although the water looks incredibly inviting, it’s actually still pretty cold this time of year as we discovered when we jumped off the back of the boat.  The water is usually at its warmest around September, just after summer finishes because all of the warm summer weather gradually heats the sea up.

We parked the boat on the beach – this is possible with certain yacht models that have bilge keels.  It’s really quite a simple process. You start off by slowly motoring directly towards the shore, which does feel a bit counter-intuitive.  Next you simply dig the anchor into the sand and wait for the tide to go out. This safely maroons the boat on the beach until the tide comes back in again.


Cornish beaches have a reputation for being some of the best in the country – I can vouch for that!  As Cornwall is a peninsula, it often benefits from the gulf stream, so it generally experiences mild climates and comparatively warm winters, making it one of the UK’s top holiday destinations.

Swimming and fresh sea air certainly works up an appetite and is there any better way to conclude a day at the beach than a BBQ?  It really was a perfect day filled with the people and things that I love the most.

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