Polo Bar

Westbury Hotel, Mayfair - London


 The Polo Bar at the Westbury Hotel in Mayfair has been described as a “shrine to educated drinking” – there’s little wonder why it has previously been named as London’s Bar of the Year.  Some real mastery has gone into devising its exceptional array of unapologetically opulent cocktails which utilise nothing but the finest ingredients.

We started off with some of the latest seasonal additions to its cocktail menu – the Mayfair Gold and the Pomegranate Deluxe.   At a glance it’s not hard to see that these gold-infused, gin-based cocktails are an echelon above the norm.  The cocktails are as beautiful as the Polo Bar itself and what’s more, they taste as good as they look.

Cocktail – Mayfair Gold.  A refined and elegant cocktail containing Tanqueray gin shaken with fresh lychees and elderflower, finished with a splash of Moët  Brut Rosé NV.  A true show-stopping cocktail and my personal favourite.

Cocktail – Pomegranate Deluxe.  A well balanced cocktail containing Bombay Sapphire gin shaken with elderflower, lemon and freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, topped up with Moët Brut NV.


Next we tried some of the more zesty cocktails on the Spring cocktail menu: Lemon Tree and Divine.

Cocktail – Lemon Tree.  A zesty and refined cocktail containing Limoncello shaken with vanilla vodka, Absinthe, lemon and homemade vanilla syrup.  A delightfully refreshing tipple.

Cocktail – Divine.  This show-stopping cocktail was infused with saffron which is an earthy spice that’s noted for being worth more per ounce than gold.  It also contained Beluga vodka shaken with passion fruit, lime and Galliano.  Both Jack and I were wowed by how perfectly balanced the unique flavours were.  In fact I would return just to have this cocktail again, it’s definitely worth ordering.

Next we ordered a few bits off the bar bites menu which features sushi, sashimi, caviar and much more.

We finished up with tea.  As an Earl Grey addict, I’m definitely going to have to find out where they source their tea from because it was one of the nicest blends that I’ve had in a long time.

From the cocktails to the bar bites, everything we had at the Polo Bar was exceptional especially the service which was seamless and discrete.  The UK is a country that is notorious for its lack of customer service, even in some of London’s most swanky venues it can be hit-and-miss, however this is a place where you can rest assured that the service will be bang on the money.  If you’re looking to push the boat out a bit then this is a good place to do it because you know you’re guaranteed a return on quality.  I would absolutely say that the Polo Bar qualifies as one of London’s top cocktail destinations, not to mention one of my new favourites.

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