Gaudí In Barcelona

Park Guell + Sagrida Famila + Cassa Batlló


Barcelona is a city scattered with architectural marvel and is synonymous with late Catalan Architect, Gaudi.  His unique works have helped to put the city well and truly on the map.  The vibrant colours and the bold, unique designs of Gaudi’s works almost act as a metaphor for Barcelona as a whole.  Here are 3 destinations within the city where you can enjoy his work.

1.  Park Guell.  Park Guell is a gorgeous Mediterranean garden complex located within Barcelona city.  It’s scattered with Gaudí works adorned with intricate mosaics.

It’s a steep, twenty minute walk to the top of Park Guell but the views make it a worthwhile effort.  As the complex is so large with so much to see, I would suggest reserving at least half a day to explore it.
Park Guell - Barcelon
The Gran Placa Circular is a large plaza supported by eighty-six huge columns.  The whole plaza is lined by one big bench known as the Serpentine Bench.   It has been painstakingly adorned with brightly coloured mosaics and it makes for a great place to sit down and soak up some of the stunning views of Barcelona city.
The collection of fascinating architecture includes a walkway, supported by large organic looking stone that almost resemble tree trunks.
2. Cassa Batlló.  Another must see masterpiece by Gaudi is the Cassa Batlló which is located in the heart Barcelona.  Its architecture features almost no straight lines, making it an incredibly unique looking building.  Observing some of the unique Guadi architecture when in Barcelona is an essential experience.
3. La Sagrada Familia.  La Sagrada Familia, or Church of the Holy Family as it is also known, is one of Gaudi’s most notable masterpieces.  It’s one of the ultimate wonders of modern architecture, not just in Barcelona, but in the world!
The first thing that you may notice about La Sagrada Familia on entering is how vast it is.   The ceiling stretches to dizzying heights.  Its unique design resemble organic structures, you won’t find anything like it anywhere else.  It’s truly unique.
There is a remarkable story behind this La Sagrida Familia – by the time Gaudi had passed away only a fraction of the church has been completed.  Its construction is still ongoing and there’s an estimated completion date of 2026.
The open park complex that is located opposite to the entrance of La Sagrada Familia is also worth checking out.  There’s often guys blowing huge bubbles and it’s a nice area to grab an ice cream and take a stroll.

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