New In : Gianvito Rossi

Flats + Heels


I seem to have a new and unintended ‘hobby’ – recently I can’t seem to get enough of luxury fashion hauls and unboxing blogs/videos.  Frivolous I know, but hear me out.  

It’s really quite strange because before, even the name ‘haul’ would make me shiver with revulsion and I typically found them to be excruciatingly boring (to be fair, this still stands with ASOS and Primark hauls – fast fashion just doesn’t cut the mustard here). 

But I have a newfound appreciation!  There’s real theatre to ‘unboxing’ a luxury purchase and I find such content incredibly helpful when making my own mind up about buying something for myself.  I don’t tend to buy impulsively and am pretty considered when it comes to big purchases.

So in the name of sharing the knowledge, I thought I’d put in my two pennyworth on some of my most recent designer acquisitions, starting with my two new pairs of Gianvito Rossis. 

On a side note – I hope you don’t see this as anything other than me sharing my excitement and thoughts.  I hope this might be helpful for anyone looking at getting a certain pair of Rossis of their own.  So without further ado, onto the good stuff…

It all started with a similar pair from Zara.  Lookalikes are now ten-a-penny since pretty much every single high street brand co-opted the look.  But I soon came to the realisation that they just weren’t going to scratch the itch and that I wanted the real shebang.  The iconic Rossi design that has become oh so recognisable has been around long enough to consider it classic and it’s certainly not going anywhere anytime soon.  As such, I deemed it to be a robust enough investment.

Gianvito Rossi Plexi suede ballet flats (similar here)

I dipped my toes in the water by first purchasing the Gianvito Rossi Plexi flats, determined that I would return them at once if I wasn’t 100% about them.  But it was love at first unboxing.  What drew me to this particular shoe was the slick design.  I was in the market for a ‘go to’ flat shoe that looked smart enough for formal occasions, to wear on days where I don’t fancy wearing heels.  These fulfil that role perfectly.  They are incredibly versatile and pair nicely with a range of different outfits, be it a casual pair of distressed denim jeans or a formal pencil skirt.

Gianvito Rossi Plexi 85 patent leather and PVC courts (similar here)

As I loved the flats so much, it was pretty strong confirmation for me that I also wanted the heels, so I got them a few weeks later.  They were even better.  If you are a designer shoe lover, getting a variation of these is definitely worth considering.

What I so love about the iconic Rossi design with the unmissable clear paneling is the leg lengthening effect that it gives.  Although the PVC looks somewhat daunting and as though it would gnaw away at your feet, it’s not the case.  Gianvito Rossi shoes have been given so much praise for how comfortable they are and I concur.  Plus you can give the PVC a bit of a massage to help break them in. 

So in conclusion…worth the money?  It’s a big yes from me, especially so for the heels.  I can see these babies getting a lot of use.  Both these shoes come in a number of different colour variations so you are spoilt for choice, but in my humble opinion, black is by far the best.

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