Cornwall's Open Sea Theatre


The Minack Theatre is one of Cornwall’s undisputed top attractions.  Nowhere else in the world is there anything like it.  The unique open air theatre was painstakingly crafted upon the cliff face by Rowena Cade in the 1920’s, with a stunning backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.  To this day it hosts an eclectic year-round programme of theatre, music and opera.

I’d seen lots of performances at the Minack during my childhood, but had not been for years and years since, so was on the cards of my most recent visit to Cornwall.

Minack Theatre - Cornwall

If you are planning on watching something at the Minack Theatre, I’d suggest booking your tickets well in advance, as performances at this world class attractions sell out fast.  I would also recommend arriving in good time before the performance on the day, to get a good parking spot.

Snacks can be brought at the Minack, or you are welcome to bring your own food.  We decided to eat beforehand and so we had a quick pitstop on the way there to grab a proper (veggie) Cornish pasty.

Minack Theatre - Cornwall

Another good reason to get there early is so that you can take a little walk around before, like we did.  Just a short walk from the Minack is the stunning, white sanded Porthcurno Beach, which is well worth visiting, if just for a quick paddle.  There’s also the Porthcurno Telegraph Museum, which reveals Cornwall’s fascinating historic role in pioneering global communications technology.

Minack Theatre - CornwallMinack Theatre - CornwallMinack Theatre - CornwallMinack Theatre - Cornwall

We went to see a performance of The Third Policeman, which was showing at the time.  Soon before the performance starts, everyone queues up to be seated, which is on a first come, first serve basis, so those who arrive earlier will get seated nearer the stage.  There are two main seating options, available: the upper and lower trace.  We opted for the Lower terrace so that we would get a close up view of the performance and a good vantage point.

Minack Theatre - Cornwall

As you can see, backdrop of the open sea is utterly incredible, especially whilst the sun is going down.  Sometimes people even spot dolphins swimming out to sea.

The seats themselves are made of stone, so I would bring along some cushions or a blanket to sit on (which we did), or there are some foam toppers that you can loan out for a few pounds.  As you will be set there for a couple of hours, you definitely was to be nice and comfortable.

Minack Theatre - Cornwall Minack Theatre - Cornwall

The performance of The Third Policeman comprised of a small cast and was very entertaining indeed, especially with the makeshift props that they used.

Minack Theatre - CornwallMinack Theatre - Cornwall Minack Theatre - Cornwall Minack Theatre - Cornwall

I can’t recommend a visit to the Minack Theatre enough – it’s such a unique attraction.  If you are not a big fan of the theatre, you can visit it just to look around too, for just £5.


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