For many people, setting foot on Maya Bay is like a dream come true.  It was certainly the case for me.  Ever since I saw the film The Beach featuring Leonardo DiCaprio (one of my all-time favourite films) it has been right at the top of my travel list.  When the sun is shining it really is as amazing in the flesh as how it was depicted in the film.  The sand really is that white, the water really is that crystal clear, and the cliffs really are that vast.  It’s a place that would leave even the most jaded of beach goer waxing lyrical about its beauty.

Maya Bay - Phi Phi Island - ThailandMaya Bay - Phi Phi Island - Thailand

As Maya Bay is one of the most beautiful and famous destinations in the world, it receives a lot of tourist footfall.  It’s an amazing place to experience but it’s an experience that you will likely have to share with hundreds of other people, as it gets busy with tourists.

Maya Bay - Phi Phi Island - ThailandMaya Bay - Phi Phi Island - Thailand

Koh Phi Phi Leh is a National Park, meaning there are no restaurants, bars or accommodation on the island and it’s only possible to take day trips to see it.  The beach is only equipped with small pop up food stalls selling snacks and drinks.  Its National Park status means that Maya Bay has been well preserved and is kept clean.

Maya Bay - Phi Phi Island - Thailand

The weather was impeccably sunny with clear blue skies during my visit.  I can imagine that Maya Bay would not shine with the same level of brilliance in overcast conditions.

 Maya Bay - Phi Phi Island - ThailandMaya Bay - Phi Phi Island - Thailand

I’m an avid beach bum, so visiting one of the world’s top beaches was a dream come true for me –  especially as I’ve been lusting after visiting Maya Bay for as long as I can remember. It’s flawlessly stunning places like this that you may only need to experience once, but the memories stay with you for a lifetime.

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