Life Lately #1

March 2018


I’ve decided to stray a little from normal service and put together a monthly diary-style blog post with a few odd musings and snaps.  Particularly so I have a place to share the copious amount of photos of my cat that I take (who I miss terribly right now being in New Zealand) and hopefully, a puppy in not too long.

Since the start of the year, things have been incredibly busy and there has been a lot of change in my life, both personally and professionally.  Getting away to New Zealand has served as a much-needed break.  Although travelling in itself can be hectic and non-stop, it’s refreshing to get a change of scene and I always feel like I return from a good holiday feeling inspired and motivated.  I have made two ‘big’ realizations so far this trip…

The first is that I am going to make it more of a ritual to book my bigger, long haul holidays (preferably to warmer climates) for January/February/March to minimise the winter months and stick to domestic/short-haul holidays for the rest of the year.  I didn’t go abroad once last summer and thoroughly enjoyed trips to Cornwall and other lovely parts of the UK that I’d not seen.  Sometimes it’s nice to keep it a tad local.

My second realisation is that since reaching my mid 20’s I’ve already become quite the granny.  I’ve always adored travelling however I have noticed a few changes as of late.  I long for home and sleeping in my bed a lot more than I used to.  This realisation was further crystallised when I noticed how many Ovaltine early nights I’ve had this holiday.  Need I say more?  

In other news, I suppose the topic of ‘sharing’ is quite the hot potato right now and I wanted to give my two pennyworth.  By virtue of writing a blog, you probably share more content than average.  I take my hat off to bloggers who share full-frontal, ‘spill-the-tea’ style updates about their lives.  There’s a real culture (and perhaps pressure) to ‘share’ these days and I think it’s important to do what feels right for YOU. 

Although I like the idea of diversifying into writing more lifestyle-driven content such as this post, I’ve actually become less open about what I share.  One of my 2019 new year’s resolutions was to stop sharing photos of loved ones (except Cuddle Cat of course) and less about my personal life in general.  Since then I have taken down a lot of content from both my social media and blog (perhaps further testament to the old granny that I have become).  I’ve mustered a few photos of my cat, some contrived photos of shoes and relatively attractive food and lattes that I’ve had this month – that’s about as in-depth as it gets.  Hopefully that will suffice for now!  Until next month. Kx

Cuddle Cat loves the camera.

Brunch at San Carlo, Manchester. 

Having a girls day out with my best friend.

Sweet treats at Harvey Nichols, Manchester.

New pieces.

Lunch at one of my favourite places in Cornwall, Polurrian Bay Hotel.

(Sans)-cream tea at Royal Duchy Hotel, Falmouth Cornwall.

Alfresco bites in Helford Passage, Cornwall.

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