Views Of Lake Wanaka

One of New Zealand's Most Impressive Lakes


Greetings from New Zealand!  I’ve been off the radar for the past few weeks because I’ve been travelling non-stop around New Zealand’s south island.  There’s plenty more on that to come and I have lots of recommendations to share, which I will be putting up on here in the next few days.  First up, I wanted to share some snaps of Lake Wanaka.

Although it’s currently Autumn transitioning into winter in New Zealand, we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a good bit of warm weather so far, which makes all the difference when visiting such majestic locations.

One of the best ways to see the south island of New Zealand is by doing a road trip.  In many cases, the views that you enjoy travelling from location-to-location are the real highlights and there are plenty of viewpoints pull over and take them in.

We didn’t stopover at Lake Wanaka (although I hear that there’s plenty to do around there) we drove past it on our way south to Queenstown.  The views were simply incredible and some of the most impressive that we saw on the trip as a whole.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen water so reflective – it almost looked quite surreal.

New Zealand has been on my ‘travel list’ for as long as I can remember and the incredible natural scenery that I’ve heard so many people waxing lyrical about was the main pull factor for me.  I can definitely say now that the scenery really is as amazing as envisaged.  Particularly the mountains, some of which seem to reach up to the heavens.

If you visit New Zealand’s south island, Lake Wanaka is well worth putting on your itinerary, even just for a fleeting visit like ours.

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