Mount's Bay


There are no shortage of incredible views in Cornwall and what better way to take them in than from above?  During my recent trip to Cornwall, I decided to do try something that I’d never done before: a helicopter ride, and I couldn’t think of a destination more scenic than Mount’s Bay to do it.

It was just as incredible as I’d hoped.  Although it was a bit misty, it was incredible to see a part of Cornwall that I’d been to a million times at ground level from an area vantage point.

I thoroughly enjoyed our little helicopter ride – I was quite surprised at how stable it felt, much less turbulent than my experience of flying in a light aircraft.  I would highly recommend adding a helicopter ride over Cornwall to your bucket list.  I’d definitely like to do one in a big city next time…perhaps somewhere like London or New York.

We booked ours through Adventure 001, who offer a whole host of adventurous experiences across the entire country.

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