Glenorchy + Arrowtown

2 Great Places Near Queenstown


Having just spent over 3 weeks travelling around New Zealand’s south island visiting most of the recommended destinations, I can safely say that Queenstown was my favourite of all.  Not just because it’s such a happening town but also because there’s so much to do in the areas surrounding it.  Glenorchy and Arrowtown are two excursions that you must take during your visit.

Visiting Glenorchy was a real highlight of my whole trip.  Located a scenic (albeit windy) 45-minute drive from Queenstown, Glenorchy boasts some of the prettiest views to be enjoyed in the country.  As a result, it was a location featured in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which very much helped to put it on the map.

The incredible scenery really speaks for itself – well worth venturing out of town for.  There are also a handful of family-run restaurants making it a delightful place to grab a bite to eat too.

Another great out-of-town destination is Arrowtown – a 25 minute drive from Queenstown.  The former gold mining town has a quaint, historic vibe and is packed with interesting boutiques and restaurants.  It’s the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and enjoy a little stroll.

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