Glaciers In New Zealand

Fox Glacier + Franz Josef Glacier


When it comes to New Zealand, there is no shortage of incredible natural scenery to admire and its glacial mountains are definitely up there with the best.  Located in the south island of New Zealand, Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier draw people in from far and wide – us included.

Unfortunately, the weather was a bit ropey – we had originally planned to book onto a helicopter and hike tour (which looks incredible) but we decided not to hedge our bets as more-often-than-not they get cancelled due to bad weather.

Thankfully we did get a bit of decent weather towards the end of our stay and the snow-dusted mountains that had previously been concealed amongst dense fog revealed themselves.  The views were nothing short of incredible – easily some of the country’s most impressive.

Not a bad spot for brunch!

If you visit the south island of New Zealand, I highly recommend checking out its impressive glaciers.  The Franz Josef Glacier and the Fox Glacier are about a half hour drive away from each other, so it’s well worth seeing both.

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