A Pretty Cornish Seaside Town

Cornwall is famed for its quaint little seaside towns and one of my favourites is Falmouth.  It has the third largest natural harbour in the world and with the town located right next to the water, you are never far from a gorgeous sea view.  Over the past few years Falmouth has become an increasingly fashionable place to be, with an arty cosmopolitan vibe that you wouldn’t usually expect a small town to possess.  Allow me to take you on a little tour.
First thing’s first, for any day out in Cornwall you will want to refuel the Cornish way, with a pasty, and Falmouth certainly has not shortage of traditional bakeries selling them.  As you walk down its quaint streets every few yards are glowing shop windows displaying fresh golden pasties.
Nothing beats a proper Cornish pasty, especially when you are ravenous!  They are hearty food at its finest.  Foodies can rest assured that it doesn’t just stop at bakeries – Falmouth is peppered with cafes, patisseries, Cornish ice cream shops and high end restaurants.  I’ve written a lot about Cornwall’s thriving food scene and Falmouth is one of many places in the county where the hungry can come to feast.
A large proportion of Falmouth’s high street comprises of boutique stores – from quirky vintage shops to craft shops and art galleries, making it an interesting shopping destination.  There’s also a plethora of artisan shops selling locally produced Cornish products, which make perfect gifts.
With its busy docklands and thriving boat culture it’s not hard to spot that Falmouth has a strong maritime heritage.  It’s a huge hotspot for sailing, fishing and diving but for those who don’t want to get their feet wet, there’s always the Maritime Museum to check out.
If you’re not already sold on Falmouth, it has something else up it’s sleeve…its stunning beaches.  Just a stone’s throw from the town is the golden sanded Gylly Beach where people come to swim, surf or sprawl out on the sand.  There are few things better than a sea view and there are a whole host of seafront hotels and restaurants located right by Gylly beach.
Falmouth is a place that has got it all: stunning beaches, high end restaurants and quirky shops.  It’s a truly quaint and relaxing place that tends to be a bit less busy than some of the other Cornish towns that attract in droves of tourists.  If you are planning a Cornwall mini-break then Falmouth is well worth considering because on a sunny day it’s pretty hard to beat.

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