Cornwall is bordered by beach and surrounded by sea – it has the longest stretch of coastline in the whole of the UK.  People come from far and wide to get a slice of its seaside culture and enjoy its stunning beaches. Falmouth in particular is said to be one of the UK’s finest natural harbours and is a massive hotspot for beaching, boating and sailing.

With the weather being as perfect as it was, my family and I decided to jump on the boat and embark on a Falmouth voyage.  It’s incredibly peaceful being out on the water on a tranquil sunny day, switching off the engine and letting the fresh sea air fill the sails – I just love it.
There’s something awesome about gliding through the water using nothing but the power of the wind.  What’s more, you can sail anywhere, even around the world if you want to. My father spent years sailing from one place to the other and exploring the world on his boat.  On the horizon could be the destination of your dreams.
Being out on the water is a great opportunity to do a spot of fishing and Falmouth happens to be one of the best coastal spots for fishing in the UK.  Just a heads up – if you fish off the back of a boat, lines should only be let out once your engine is switched off as they could become tangled in the propeller, which can cause big problems!  The disturbance of an engine would scare any fish off anyway.
Falmouth Bay Sailing
Sailing is a diverse sport that anyone can enjoy and I urge those who have not tried it before to give it a go.  Some people are into extreme sailing, literally throwing caution to the wind by battling gailforce winds and 6ft rolling waves whereas others simply prefer gliding steadily across calm waters.  It all really depends on what floats your boat!
I hooked my first ever catch of three mackerel in one go.  Dinner sorted!
I’ve not done much fishing in the past and although it does require a bit of patience I can definitely see why people get hooked on it.  It’s pretty exciting when you do finally get the much anticipated tug on your line and even more so when you reel in your catch.
We ended up catching a decent haul of mackerel which we later stuck on the BBQ.  There’s nothing like eating fresh fish that you have caught yourself.

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