The countryside is considered to be the perfect place to grow up and grow old but I can think of something else that it’s perfect for : a mini-break!  Although I am now a city dweller, I’m still a county girl at heart, so here are my top 10 reasons to take a countryside mini-break to convince even the most die hard of city-slickers.

1. Peace and Quiet 

 It’s pleasantly strange when the sounds of the city are replaced with the stirring of the trees and the chirping of the birds.  The lack of sound pollution can really to facilitate an environment of calm which can often mean getting some quality sleep.  Better sleep = better well being.

Cornwall Countryside - 2

2. Stunning Scenery

Nothing beats a cracking view and in the countryside they are aplenty.  You can feast your eyes on rolling green fields and stunning sweeping landscapes that are sure to instil inspiration.

Cornwall Countryside - 3

3. Fresh Air

It really is worth stopping to smell the roses because the simple pleasure of inhaling fresh country air is not only refreshing but it’s also good for you.  County air tends to be significantly cleaner and more oxygenated than polluted city air which can sometimes aggravate skin and respiratory problems.  It’s always good to get a break from cramped confined spaces such as offices, tubes and trains where you are exposed to a greater risk of catching a cold.
Cornwall Countryside - 8

4. It Can Be Cheap

 I’m sure we all know how expensive city living can be and depending on where you go, the countryside can be competitively cheaper when it comes to accommodation and dining.  You don’t necessarily have to spend an arm and a leg on a countryside mini-break.

5. No Distractions

It can do you a world of good to simply switch off from life’s distractions for a little bit and turn your attention to relaxation and enjoyment.  Escaping to the countryside for a mini-break is for many people a great opportunity to turn off their phone and step away from social media and other such distractions.

6. It’s never far 

Wherever you are, you’re probably not too far from rurality.  You won’t necessarily need to travel a great distance to escape to the country.
Cornwall Countryside - 1

7. It’s restorative 

From better sleep to reduced stress levels, a countryside mini-break can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered.

8. There’s Lots To Do 

The countryside is an outdoor adventurer’s playground so there’s lots to keep you occupied, be it cycling, sports, golfing or simply going to a stroll.  You can indulge in unadulterated enjoyment of things that you might not usually make time for in day-to-day life.

9. Nature and wildlife 

Connecting with nature can work wonders for morale, mood and energy levels.  Research shows that spending time in fresh air, surrounded by nature, increases energy in 90 percent of people.  You can take a break from caffeinated stimulants and get your boost the natural way.
Cornwall Countryside - 4

10. experience the seasons

One thing that is easily missed in the city is the transitioning seasons; often the only real indication of this is more rain or the seasonal tack that finds its way onto the shelves in shops.  From the blossom in the spring, brilliant blooms in summer and falling leaves in autumn, the countryside has an ever-changing landscape.

Cornwall Countryside - 5

I recently went on a countryside mini-break of my own in Cornwall, a place that is famed for its rurality.  In fact the images in this article were taken in my garden back there which as you can see is currently a sea of pink and blue hydrangeas.  Every time I visit the countryside, be it Cornwall or elsewhere, I always leave feeling like a new woman; rested, reinvigorated and re-inspired.
Do you love a countryside break and are you planning to go on one soon?  Let me know on Twitter or Facebook as I’d love to know.

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