The Lizard Peninsula

Avid roadtrippers should definitely consider Cornwall as a destination because you can drive pretty much anywhere in the county and come across somewhere beautiful or something interesting.  You can simply let the country roads beckon you forth to your destination.
 If like me, you are a lover of coastal scenery then you will likely fall in love with the epic views from the Lizard Peninsula.  On the horizon are sprawling views of vast expanses of sea in all directions. It’s incredible. On a sunny day when the rays sparkle on the water, it’s the sort of scenery that melts the heart. 
The view of the stunning but treacherous coastline of cliffs and manacles really speaks for itself.
 There is a small (free) car park, an independent cafe with benches that overlook the sea and some quaint Cornish souvenir shops where you can pick up some of the Lizard’s famous serpentine. 
The winding pathway leads down to the disused lifeboat house where a number of wooden dinghies are kept.
The iconic Lizard Lighthouse warns ships of the treacherous coastline.  There is a visitors centre so you can learn all about the Lizard’s past of ship wreckers and smugglers.
The surrounding grassy cliff area is home to colony of rabbits that are somewhat tame.  The Lizard is a popular place for coastal walks and features some of Cornwall’s most dramatic coastline.  Due to its subtropical microclimate it has some beautiful plants and flowers.
If you go to one place in Cornwall then make it the Lizard Peninsula.  It’s a stunning place no matter what the season and paying a visit to the most southerly point of mainland Britain is something that I think everyone should do at least once – you definitely won’t regret it!

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