‘staycation’ is a popular holiday option that’s perhaps the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to getaway.  It’s like a vacation but instead of venturing abroad, you have a holiday in your own country.  Taking a staycation over a full blown holiday is a great option for a number of reasons…here’s ten of them!

1. Spontaneity – The convenience of staying in the country means that you can be spontaneous.  You can book last minute and simply up and leave without having to faff around with things like visas, jabs and jet-lag.  If you want to bring someone along, it also makes it a lot easier to surprise them.

2.  It’s quick – You won’t necessarily need to spend hours on a plane to get to your destination which is great for those who are running on a packed schedule.

3. Leisure – It’s an excuse to indulge yourself in all the things you love doing but never seem to have time to do.  Things such as doing some retail therapy, having a long soak in the bath, going to the cinema or even checking out museums art galleries and that you have never explored before.

4. It’s cheaper – Staying in the country can save you a lot of money, especially as there is less travel required.  This means that taking a staycation is a great option for those who are on a budget.

5. Spend some time alone – For a lot of people these days, getting some ‘me’ time is a rare luxury.  Sometimes it’s nice to just spend some time on your tod doing what you want, when you want.  4AM room service dessert?  Why the hell not!  No one is going to be there to tell you otherwise.  In fact I encourage you!

6. Spend Some time with someone – On the flip side, taking a staycation is a great way to spend some quality time with someone, whether it be your partner, a friend or even a family member.  You could even go on a group staycation.  It’s a simple and easy way to make some memories with the people you love.

7. Work – If you are working on a big project or you are in need of some serious focus time, getting away from your usual workspace can be a great way to channel your focus and creativity without any distractions.  I sometimes like to take some downtime to concentrate on work to get it done and dusted.  It can be pretty therapeutic.

8.  Discover what’s on your doorstep – Do you know every city in your home country like the back of your hand?  For even some of the most seasoned of travellers, chances are the answer is no.  You don’t necessarily need to venture to another corner of the globe to have some amazing travel experiences, there could be some equally amazing things to discover on your front doorstep.

9. Get a change of scene – Sometimes a change of scene is just what the doctor ordered.  I know from personal experience that it can work wonders for stress levels, wellbeing and overall happiness.  We all need to get away sometimes but for those with a busy schedule, it’s not always possible to venture too far afield.  Enter staycation.  Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the view from another window…especially if it’s a good one!

10. Get a good deal!  Finding a good deal for travel, food and hotels is easy these days with apps such as Hotel Quickly, which I use myself.  As the name suggests, with this free app you can get a last minute hotel, quickly!  A city staycation is just a tap away.

Bangkok Staycation - The Wayfarer

(Above) image credit : TheNextWeb

Do you like the idea of a city staycation?  Will you be planning one soon?

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