One Of Europe's Finest Medieval Towns


You may well have read me waxing lyrical about Wales on social media recently, and as promised, I have my next instalment of my Welsh destination recommendations to share with you.

Located in the North of Wales, the walled town of Conwy is well worth a visit.  It’s somewhere that I’d been meaning to check out for some time and as the weather was stunning, we decided to head over for a day out.

Conwy Castle WalesConwy Castle WalesConwy Castle Wales

If you are a fan of Medieval architecture (which if you’ve read my recent posts you’ll already know that I certainly am) then Conwy is definitely somewhere that you should put on your travel list, because it’s exceptional on this front.

I would suggest starting your visit off with a walk along the historic town walls, which date back to the 12th century.  There are over 1.2km of walls to walk along, so you’ll see the town from every vantage point – you’re spoilt when it comes to views.  The walls are also considered to be some of the finest in Europe, as they are largely intact.

Conwy Castle WalesConwy Castle Wales Conwy Castle WalesConwy Castle WalesConwy Castle Wales

 The walls lead down down to the quay, where you can see Conwy Castle in all its glory.  It was originally constructed for Edward I and is one of the best preserved Medieval fortifications to be seen in Great Britain.  I hear that it’s also incredible from within, which we didn’t do this time, although it’s definitely on the cards for next time!

Conwy Castle Wales

Conwy is home to the smallest house in Great Britain, which is a must if you visit, as it’s such a novelty experience – it really is tiny!  What’s more, it’s also bright red, so you can’t miss it.

Conwy Castle Wales

Inside it is kitted out with all of the amenities that you’d expect, and even has an upstairs!  It’s very cosy indeed!

Conwy Castle WalesConwy Castle Wales

All that walking worked up quite an appetite, so fish and chips were on the cards…or just chips in my case.  The quay is the perfect place to enjoy them, especially when it is as sunny as it was during our visit.

Conwy Castle WalesConwy Castle Wales Conwy Castle Wales

Conwy also has a wonderful array of cosy pubs and restaurants, including The Albion (pictured below).  It is run by 4 local breweries and offers a wide selection of the best local pints to be enjoyed, not to mention the fact that it was apparently named as one of the world’s best pubs by the Guardian.  Cheers to that!

Conwy Castle Wales Conwy Castle WalesConwy Castle WalesConwy Castle Wales

Like many a good day out, it was rounded up with a lovely cup of tea in a quaint independent tea room (the name of which eludes me right now).

Conwy offers all the makings of a lovely day out.  It is definitely one of the places to go in North Wales.  Based on its incredible Medieval fortifications alone, is guaranteed to impress…regardless of whether you are a history buff or not!

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