Blackpool is one of the UK’s most popular seaside towns, famous not least for the iconic Blackpool Tower.  Each year the town hosts its Lights Festival which sees Blackpool’s 6 mile stretch of  beach shine bright with a spectrum of more than a million multi-coloured lights.  The Illuminations run from August through to November and this year the bedazzling display was switched on by Hollywood legend Tim Burton.  I’d never been to Blackpool before and as the Illuminations are dubbed to be “one of the greatest free light shows on earth” I thought it would be a great excuse to pay it a visit.

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The Blackpool Illuminations are undoubtedly spectacular.  The lights dance and transition between colours, stretching down the beachfront for as far as the eye can see.  It bustles with the thousands of people who flock to take part in the merriment.
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Not even the city’s trams are spared from glittery adornment…and if you really want to get around in style, there’s always the option to take a ride on a traditional horse and carriage, which is a popular Blackpool activity.
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There is also ample opportunity to jazz yourself up with shiny things too, to fit in with your surroundings.
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There are a sea of stalls selling all manner of sweet things, including fresh sugary doughnuts, boozy hot chocolate with masses of whipped cream on top and of course Blackpool’s famous rock, in every flavour imaginable.  Dieters be warned, temptation is rife!
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Although personally, my pick is candy floss – I admit I’m just a big kid. Surely no one grows out of loving candy floss?
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There’s also stacks of arcades to keep you amused, not to mention a Madame Tussauds, all of which are part of the Blackpool experience.
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If I had to describe Blackpool in one word, it would be ‘fun’ – it’s the place to go for cheesy, slapstick amusement for families and big kids alike.  It’s has got real character and although the Illuminations Festival is now over for this year, it’s definitely worth seeing in the future.

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