Thermae Bath Spa

Twilight At One Of The UK's Most Famous Spas


Thermae Bath Spa is one of the UK’s most famous spas, not to mention one of Bath’s undisputed top attractions.  Bath’s spa heritage dates back to the Roman times, with it having the only naturally warm and mineral-rich springs in Britain, and its legacy as a spa city lives strong to this day.

During my recent trip to Bath, I visited Thermae Bath Spa to experience the Twilight Package.

We started off the evening at the rooftop pool of the New Royal Bath, where we watched the sun set over the beautiful city, which is such a lovely experience to have when visiting Bath.  It was a lovely clear night too, making it all the more splendid.  Highly recommended.

After about an hour of swimming and soaking in the rooftop pool, we donned our robes and slippers (which are provided as part of the package) and headed to the Springs Restaurant for dinner, which is also included.  There are also vegan meal options available too, just ask your server.

After dinner, we headed to the well equipped Wellness Suites for some further relaxation.   There are plenty of options, with its Roman Steam Room, Georgian Steam Room, Infrared Room, Ice Chamber, Celestial Relaxation Room and Experience Showers.  We went from one to the other, spending a bit of time in each.  The Celestial Relaxation room (pictured below) was our favourite, it felt like you are floating in space.

Finally, we rounded off our time at the Thermae Bath Spa with a quick dip in its refreshing Minerva Bath.

Thermae Bath Spa - The Wayfarer

It was safe to say that we were feeling thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated after our time in the spa.

The Twilight Package is priced at £47 for one or £88 for two and sells out fast, so I would recommend booking as early as possible if you are planning a trip to Bath.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Bath, particularly for the rooftop pool experience.

Article photo credits : Thermae Bath Spa, Matt Cardy, Philip Edwards, Dave Saunders, Lee Niel, Edmund Sumner.


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