Keyta Hawkins


“Welcome to my website TheWayfarer.co, an online lifestyle and travel journal.  My name is Keyta Hawkins and I grew up in Cornwall by the seaside, a place very close to my heart.  I am half Filipino and half English – having parents from opposite sides of the world has instilled a great desire to travel in me.  As a result, travel is largely what I write about here on The Wayfarer.  In addition, I also write about a cross-section of my other interests, including plant-based food, wellbeing and luxe fashion.

I named this site ‘The Wayfarer’ as I thought it was apt – a ‘Wayfarer’ is a traveller, someone who embarks on a journey.  We all have our own journey and story to tell.  Here is where I share a small part of mine.  Thanks for reading!”



The Wayfarer has proudly worked with some of the largest brands in the travel and hospitality industry.

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