Lancaster is a destination in the North West that I have been meaning to explore for some time, particularly because of its interesting historic background and architecture.  Recently, I finally paid it a visit…

We kicked off our visit with a spot of lunch at the Merchants pub and restaurant, located just around the corner from Lancaster Castle.  It has an incredible historic dining space, once used as a wine merchant’s cellar (hence the name!).

Next it was time to visit Lancaster Castle (also known as John O’ Gaunt’s Castle), which is a must when visiting the city.

We decided to join a guided tour which gave a detailed insight into the city’s fascinating history.  Up until recently, it was used as a fully functioning high security prison, so it’s not quite how you would expect a castle to be inside.

History-lovers should definitely be sure to check out Lancaster Castle.  Its origins date back over 1,000 years and it’s considered to be one of the most historically significant buildings in the North West of England.

The castle has a dark history of trials (including the infamous Pendle witch trial) and executions.  Lancaster had gained a name for being the place in which most executions in the county took place.

Next we went for a little walk around the rest of the city.

Lancaster - Lancashire

Lancaster Priory.

Finally, we rounded up with a visit to the impressive Ashton Memorial, in Williamson Park.  It can be seen from all around.

 Williamson Park itself is a fantastic place to walk around with its woodland walks and sprawling views.

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring Lancaster and can’t wait to see more of what Lancashire has to offer.

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