The Golden Triangle


During my recent visit to Thailand, I took a road trip around the northern region of the country to see some of the popular attractions and to head over to Laos for a look around.

We started off by heading up to the northernmost point of Thailand, which borders Myanmar.  You can literally see Myanmar across the small bridge – it’s pretty cool.

There were a few other stops too, which included the Karen long neck tribe village and Pha Soet Hot Spring, which propels water high up into the air and was nothing short of impressive.

Finally we headed over to the Golden Triangle, which is named as such because you can see Thailand (below left), Myanmar (below middle) and Laos (below right) all in one place.  It’s pretty cool.

We took a short boat ride across the water to Laos, which only took around 20 minutes and there was lots of gorgeous scenery to enjoy on the way.  You can book this boat trip at the Golden Triangle ticket desk, just don’t forget to bring your passport.  You’re also asked to pay 50 Baht on arrival.

Over the other side there were some beautiful gardens and a bustling market which we explored.  Although it was just a fleeting visit, I definitely feel like I got a insight into what Laos is like.

After an hour or two to roam around, it was time to jump back on the boat to Thailand.  I’d love to spend more time in Laos next time I visit South East Asia.  I hear that Luang Prabang and Vientiane (which are some of its main cities) are well worth checking out.

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